Monday, 3 September 2012

Lost and Found...

Or actually never lost...

I've had a great time recently going through vinyl that i haven't played for years and have discovered some great album tracks and B sides.

Gene Dozier and The United Front - Give the Women What They Want - a pre-disco funk workout by someone I have never heard of since (this is from the Soul Train album on Phongram 1974) Hear It here on BoyRed's Soundcloud

Ohio Players - Heaven Must Be Like This - the B side of the wonderful "Skintight" this shows their smooth side and is a taster for things that would come in later albums see this on 45Cat

Bessie Banks - Go Now - always known as an old Denny Laine era Moody Blues track in the UK here's the blinding original 45Cat and Hear It Here

Don Covay - It's Better To Have (And Don't Need) - wonderful 1974 track from Covay - shows him moving forward from his Soul Clan/Atlantic days. Hear it Here

Act One - Goodbye Love (We're Through) - another band known more for their uptempo sounds - well one at least - this was the B side of "Tom The Peeper" - well worth flippin'.  Play It Here On The Cloud and the 45Cat entry is here

So many records and so little time....

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