Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Perhaps too much already said about our Olympics - but all praise is good.  We did a great job.  Hopefully the lasting legacy from the whole summer is a belief by the British that British is good and we actually can really put on a show on a massive scale whilst the world looks on.  The best quote i've read is that "..we have seen the best of ourselves.." those few words sum it up really.  I'm very proudly British and a Londoner - never more so that the last few weeks.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Lost and Found...

Or actually never lost...

I've had a great time recently going through vinyl that i haven't played for years and have discovered some great album tracks and B sides.

Gene Dozier and The United Front - Give the Women What They Want - a pre-disco funk workout by someone I have never heard of since (this is from the Soul Train album on Phongram 1974) Hear It here on BoyRed's Soundcloud

Ohio Players - Heaven Must Be Like This - the B side of the wonderful "Skintight" this shows their smooth side and is a taster for things that would come in later albums see this on 45Cat

Bessie Banks - Go Now - always known as an old Denny Laine era Moody Blues track in the UK here's the blinding original 45Cat and Hear It Here

Don Covay - It's Better To Have (And Don't Need) - wonderful 1974 track from Covay - shows him moving forward from his Soul Clan/Atlantic days. Hear it Here

Act One - Goodbye Love (We're Through) - another band known more for their uptempo sounds - well one at least - this was the B side of "Tom The Peeper" - well worth flippin'.  Play It Here On The Cloud and the 45Cat entry is here

So many records and so little time....