Sunday, 28 February 2021

Every Elvis Presley CD 1984-2005 - Listed

Elvis fans now have a new source of info on releases following the publication of 'Elvis UK3', a complete discography of Presley CD releases from 1983 through to 2005. The listing covers all labels not just those issued by RCA. The work has been completed by John Townson and Gordon Minto and follows their previous works on Elvis vinyl releases. Entries number 450+ and each is shown with tracklistings, composer and studio details, copies of the artwork and commentary. Included in the listings are record label promotional releases together with compilations featuring the King's material. Along with a great number of others I had the pleasure of supporting the detailed research, contributing to the introduction section which details RCA's move into CD manufacturing in 1983 and the release of the very first Elvis product on the medium. The story of the box set The Legend is also told in these pages The ultimate guide to CD releases is published via the Elvis UK Books website currently available in digital 'flipbook' technology. Buyers will also receive a unique 23 track compilation specially commissioned by the authors. A visit to the website shows sample pages and details for purchase etc. Highly recommended for Elvis fans.

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