Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BA Story - The Result

Finally I have heard back from BA customer services regarding my claim.  They are willing to reimburse £845 of a £1067 claim.  Given that the tickets cost me some £4000 and I will be travelling again AND my long explanation about how much hassle I had in getting myself kitted out for my trip whilst trying to do what I was in the US for, you would think that they may have made a goodwill gestrue and paid it out in full.  Instead I get an email from a machine that denies the balance of the claim on the basis that they won't pay for laundry (funny I thought I was being prudent in getting my clothes pressed rather than simply buying more)  They won't pay for phone calls from the hotel - despite my explanation that my blackberry charger was in my lost bag and I arrved at 9pm at night and had to sort stuff out for the morning (as I was bagless!).  All this was due to their error so (me being simple) I beleive this is all down to them. I've written and told them i'll except it as I have no way of going back to them - but expressed my concern, shall we say of their lack of understanding, and ineptitude in the art of customer relations (surely the email informing me of all this could have had someone's name on it?).  Oh well i'll try another airline (BA please note all for £222).

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