Tuesday, 26 October 2010

In Appreciation Of.... The Duke And The King

Just caught up with this band following the release of the new album "Long Live the Duke And The King" - so many good things were being said about them I wanted to do it properly and follow their story - so I bought the first album "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

"Nothing Gold..." is a quiet contemplative album with songs about leaving the real life behind when fame comes "If I Ever Get Famous"; teenage, formative years and home places "Union Street" and the current war years experience of those that fight and of those who stay behind in "One More American Song".  Simone Felice's plaintive sweet voice serves these songs well with harmonies and accompaniment balanced just right for the delivery of such rich lyrics.  You can hear many influences - vocal harmonies/hippy feel CSNand Y, gospel - Sam Cooke; soul - Marvin. Reminiscent recently of Ray Lamontagne.

"Long Live..." is a bit more uptown (but not much) with stronger vocal trade offs between the three voices of Felice, Bobbie Bird and Simi Stone.  There is a move to progress and build on the first and it really works. "Gloria"  and "Right Now" are the early stand-outs for me but it's early days - I know I'm going to love this album growing on me and delivering it's secrets and beauty (love it when that happens).

I recommend both but would do it in the right order as you can see a bunch of talent growing and delivering so well with no fancy tricks just solid songs and perfectly suited performances.

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