Friday, 21 January 2011

45Cat - A Must For All Collectors

A catalogue of all the UK singles ever released; Scans of labels and picture bags; Reader and owner ratings; Sign up and compile your own collection, add comments - print your collection catalogue.

I stumbled upon this via a number of blogs so I thought I would check it out.  Wow! what a great idea.  Rather than compiling your own catalogue why not join the hundreds of collectors who have contributed to this brill web site - it's easier if we all do it together.  So far (today) they have 80,000+ entries of different releases.  It's creating a history of pop released on 7" 45rpm singles in the UK.  I urge you to go and join in.  It's really fast to add your collection and once you have scanned in any that they don't have on there you'll have a full list of your stuff owned (you'll never have to think about whether you do have something or not at that record fair)  They're working on an i-phone app - so you will be able to keep your lists in your pocket.

bloody brilliant!

click on the logo above to go there (now!)

p.s added 12th February 2011 - now I have all my singles up on 45c i'll link all future posts to the corresponding entry.

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