Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Newly Vintage - Eli "Paperboy" Reed

With the current spate of "new" soul artists around (you know "neo-soul" whatever that means) - your Duffy (Pop princess); Amy Winehouse (go back to the jazz sounds of the first album please); Cee Lo (the Real Thing but in a 70's Groove); Adele (A British Soul Voice if ever I heard one) - I was pleasantly surprised to find that Eli Reed delivers the real thing - play any of the tracks from his latest album or indeed those posted on soundcloud and I'll defy anyone to say that they are a poor imitation of the past - they could be old masters found in some dusty basement.  I added them to a northern soul set for some friends the other day and they wanted to know where i'd found this new/old gem.  Give him a listen for a real trip back in time

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