Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Gods Of Rockerfeller Plaza

Since my first visit to Manhattan in 1983 I have loved the Rockerfeller Plaza with its mix of people from tourists to serious business types;from shoppers to event organisers; from skaters to serious fashionistas taking lunch.  I love the architecture in its all its grandeur.  It also has happy memories for me - the first time I visited I was on my first trip outside of Europe as RCA had sent me for on a trip regarding the development of the CD market. I was allowed to visit the observation platform (then closed to all but RCA employees) and gazed down the island between the huge letters naming the building and my employer. I visited with my wife and son some years later - he being 10 was in awe of the skyscrapers and all the iconic sites that he had only witnessed from films and TV - he skated on the Plaza ice rink and raced a local guy.  We all stood and watched an older couple ice dance to "Con il Partiro" - romantic and absolutely beautiful. 

The feature that I end up photographing everytime I go is the carvings (obviously not carvings but you know what I mean) above each entrance to the buildings.  This time I also noticed the round emblems on the side elevation of Radio City Music Hall.  Here they are in all their glory.

These are the ones on the side of Radio City Music Hall

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