Thursday, 26 January 2012

In Appreciation of ... David Essex

David Essex - this guy has done everything.  He rose to fame after trying the pop scene in the 60s through a major role in Godspell! in the West End (alongside a nother new face Jeremy Irons) He had a great pop career from the 1973 "Rock On" through a string of hits via his signing with CBS including "Gonna Make You A Star" and "America" collaborated with the Real Thing to great effect.  Sold out tours (I saw the "All The Fun Of The Fair" tour - a great production lost through the sceaming fans); He was on every cover.  His teeny bopper fame perhaps overrode his musical pedigree in that he wrote a lot of his own stuff and included some unique production from Jeff Wayne and later Essex himself.  He returned the favour to Wayne by appearing on the "War Of The Worlds" album.  At the height of that period he appeared in these two movies about wayward pop icon Jim Maclaine tracing his rise to fame through the rock and roll era with "That'll Be The Day' and about he would continue to rise (and fall) in the 70s in Stardust (also the title of another great single. He wrote and produced the show "Mutiny" starring alongside Sinitta (no great claim to fame there but a name to note).  He signed to Mercury in the later 70's delivering "High Flying Adored" and appearing on the "Evita" Album.  He released a few well received albums including "Imperial Wizard" and "Silver Dream Machine", has continued to appear in TV shows and continue to tour both as a musician and in shows.  In recent years his "All the Fun.." album was turned into a stage show which got good reviews.

A real british talent.

Lots of good comment on 45Cat - Rock On

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