Sunday, 8 January 2012

Blues and Soul Magazine

My soul music education was supplemented very much from this magazine in the 70s.  I bought import (and unheard of UK) singles and albums on recommendation by it's trusted reviewers.  I've just unearthed a pile from my loft and supplemented the collection from ebay (the originals cost 15-20p/ebay £7.50!).

Much soul music was ignored by the music press at the time so a specialist mag (and this was the only one until Black Music appeared later in the 70s) was a real treat. Published fortnightly it had a heavy predominance of coverage of the northern soul club scene.

I've scanned a few things from the copies I have and will post them where relevant.  Happy memories.
This front cover from July 1972 features the Stylistics (for some reason lying in the road).
I also found it useful as a number of the artists featured also had their releases pressed at the Walthamstow factory see Made In Walthamstow - so that adds to the research.


Chosen1 said...

I'm looking to sell my collection from issue 317 - 727. Where do you think I can get the best value?

BoyRed said...

Hi - they go on ebay for anything from £2 to £10 but demand must be for collectors filling gaps or sporadically for single editions. If you can wait then do it that way or sell to a dealer via Record Collector or a Magazine specialist.