Tuesday, 3 May 2011

GT Moore and The Reggae Guitars - "I'm Still Waiting"

Lost and Found indeed.  In 1974 I went to see Kokomo and Betty Wright (riding high at the time with "Where Is The Love?") at The Roundhouse in North London.  At the bottom of the bill was a band with one single to it's name.  They were wonderful - looking more hippy than hip, more psychedelic than soul, more rock than reggae - but they were GREAT. 

Signed to Charisma which was then a small label
(pre Genesis success) with a diverse roster but mainly in the rock genre and mainly album releases.

This single (their first) is a cover of the Diana Ross classic written by Deke Richards.  It's a pop gem.  See what you think.  I found this on ebay for £5 - worth every penny - 36 years old and in mint condition.  There was an album which has varied reviews across the web - I think this is the highlight.

Charisma Single CB 236.


PS - The B Side " Judgement Day" is also a lost gem.

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G.T. Moore said...

The gig at the roundhouse in '74 was one of the best gigs we ever did. We developed a show with two drummers playing a mix of reggae and soul, but we felt free to play rock or any other style. The recordings never captured the dynamism of the live performances but maybe that's what a good live band is all about. The Betty Wright Band & Kokomo we're two of the best live bands I've seen.

Gerald (G.T. Moore)