Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Answer is.....

I don't really know. The question? Why am I writing a blog? I am beyond the age of thinking I have to to be cool, don't have a great deal of time, but do think i'm falling behind with all this social networking stuff and whilst that's not an issue now - it will be when I am the complete dinosaur and unable to catch up - I was the same at nuclear physics. I have interests, stories and opinions and dare I say it perhaps I have an ego.

So what is this going to feature then. Well, basically a lot of me and mine - what i'm doing and my observations - see i'm a bighead already.

A bit about me. I am married to Bris and have a son, J, and two small dogs. That's us. A very happy family - not without it's issues - that would be a very ODD family - but we talk to each other and share good and bad - it works and it makes us happy.

I have a good job in the West End of London supporting creative people in one of the media industries. I'm an administrator. Sounds boring but my job is different everyday, covers lots of areas, contributes to the business in general - it keeps all those clever bastards doing what they do best whilst I sought out their legal, property, IT, equipment and people problems. I don't do it all of course - as i have a brilliant team of people who work with me that do all the work and I simply put my feet up and take the credit (well I picked the team didn't I?).

The things you will find will repeat again and again in this i'm sure will be (in no particular order) London; Music (very much Soul Music of the early 70's); Family; Idiots; Heroes; the usual books, films etc; Ireland; the Good & Bad Old USA; Mad Britain and even madder Europe; Dogs; Style for a man of a certain age (all help gratefully received); Gadgets.

if bored, move on can only get worse.

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