Thursday, 22 July 2010

BA Story

Having arrived in Washington DC for a trip last month I found that my bag, clothes etc had decided not to go with me. at 9pm at night (+5 hours obviously) I was without the basics. Big problem as I was due to meet with our directors the next morning and planning to do so in my polo shirt and jeans wasn't going to work. Thank god for the internet. I was able to file my claim; search for a store local to the hotel; check opening times; sizes, prices and styles. I arrived at Brookes Bros virtually pushed the guy over who was still unbolting the door and found an ex-pat from Reading who on hearing my story set to work on getting me togged up.

I made the meeting ten minutes late after having bought a phone charger and other bits I needed and arrived looking dapper but unfazed. The panic was well hidden.

The claim is still outstanding and we'll see how BA do with it.

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