Thursday, 22 July 2010

In Appreciation of ....Bobby Womack

I am a fan. Have been since 1972. Used to cut short my cross country running training with my mates to detour to Alan F's gran's house - she'd have his records and the toast on. We'd sit their for a few appreciative minutes listening to "That's the Way I feel about'cha" and "Woman's gotta have it" and then return to the race as it passed the house (back in the pecking order obviously - we didn't want to end up being picked for the school team). " I can understand it" was the subject of an early conversation with Bris - Music was always a safe subject to talk about with girls. BW at the Hammersmith Odeon c1976 was a gig/date burned in my memory and returning there some years later with Bris "large" with child was an appropriate intro for any son into the world of dad music. This clip is from Later with Jools Holland May 2010 - he was on as part of Gorillaz and JH got him to do this - it's short but he's still got it. Please Please Tour Soon.
all you others not so familiar with the Bobby - please don't confuse him with Womack & Womack - there's a connection but the music differentiates him as The Man!

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