Sunday, 2 October 2011

Long Player Goodbye - Travis Elborough

One of my cruise reads was to finally finish this affectionate look at the history and life of the beloved vinyl LP format.  This follows on from a number of record industry histories that I have read but with a different twist in that it speaks not only about the business end but also the development of music from the 40s - todate, and gives a great deal of cultural context (and explains the impact of the LP itself).

A great read if you grew up with vinyl and still see CD and downloading as interlopers that have shifted the world away from a revered, fragile and treasured format (like me).  Travis Elborough is younger than me I guess given his dissing of a number of major artists from the 70s and 80s (each generation does this - I dismissed my brothers love of blues in the 60s - until I knew better) - but he identifies that the LP changed listening habits and gave the already tribal teens something to use as identification  - you were a mod or a rocker; a Smiths fan; Pink Floyd follower; a fan of introverted singer songwriters; a loud rocker etc.  The LPs you had identified the type of person you were (well certainly gave you a starting point.)  These days it would be what phone you have, i-pad? apple or PC? X-Box or Nintendo? in addition to clothes and all the other material goods now avaliable and promoted as the "must have"

This is a wonderful book and one i'm sure i'll pick up again and re-read - I recommend it.

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