Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Taz Records, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Second stop in Canada - lucky I did some research as I found a web page that claimed that Halifax is Canada's Atlantic Coast's "vinyl capital" boasting 5 record stores in the small downtown district.  That was out of date as four had gone with even HMV closing it's doors in the main mall.  What was right on the site was that it claimed that Taz was the best - and rightfully so, it had survived. My three hour visit convinced me why.

With a wide range of stock covering all genres and formats this was a real treat.  35,000 LPs, thousands of singles and a good broad range of CDs,
 T shirts and assorted stuff this was a goldmine.  The guys were easy going helpful and knowledgable.  The range was stunning and the place light and airy and comfortable to be in for long periods!  I'm too used to the dingy dark dismal shops that remain in London and the suburbs - so this was great.

After searching the soul albums I set myself the task of checking out the 45s - only for the guys there to start pointing out more and more boxes to review.  I had to take a break and go and see some of the town before we sailed but a quick fix of fresh air saw me back for another hour.  Pure Joy!
(OK you have to stay with me here - this is a collectors paradise).

I have a large collection, mainly converted to CD but with some remaining vinyl and a recent revived passion for singles (I blame the wonderful 45Cat) - most of the 7" stock here are canadian pressings and sell for $3 with some slightly higher but nothing for more than $10.  I also checked out the back sale room with LPs/CDs for a dollar a pop and picked up a first edition Osborne Collectors Guide from 1976.  My gains were not particularly rare, not particularly different but all in great condition, many with original bags and they all mean something to me - which is what collecting should be about.

I recommend this store and whilst the website doesn't list a full inventory they do trade internationally and are a well established long standing firm with a good reputation.

A geat fix on an otherwise vinyl-free holiday - what a find.

My 7" Haul

Bunny Sigler - Love Train; Ronnie Dyson - One Man Band & Just Don't Want To Be Lonely; Young-Holt Unltd - Who's Making Love; Bobby Womack - More Than I Can Stand; Undisputed Truth - You+Me=Love; Jerry Butler - September Song; Joe South - Games People Play; Johnnie Ray - Just Walking In The Rain; Hugo Montenegro - Tony's Theme/Good Vibrations; John Sebastion - Welcome Back; Kenny Nolan - I Like Dreamin'; Dells - Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue; Honey Cone - Want Ads; Billy Stewart - Summertime; Solomon Burke - Light In The Window/Time Is A Thief.

plus a few CDs and a couple of LPs and that Collectors Guide

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